Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shape Up with Kit Cosmetics Limited Edition Nail Strips

If you are a regular reader of my blog you would know by now that I looooove nail polish strips! So when Kit Cosmetics came out with their own limited edition nail polish strips I was there!

After hunting down a store, I quickly purchased 2 designs, Lace It Up and Shape Up.

Kit Cosmetic nail strips in Lace It Up and Shape Up


The Limited Edition Kit Cosmetics Nail Strips in Shape Up features a geometric color block design with hues of coral, purple, light grey, white, blue and navy blue. It comes with 20 pre-cut nail strips in a foil packaging.

Shape Up nail polish strips

Directions on how to apply (as on packaging)
Start with clean, filed nails.
Remove any excess oils with nail polish remover and apply a base coat to your nail.
Select the appropriate size sticker for each nail
Peel off the sticker and apply onto the nail, with the rounded end close to the cuticle.
Smooth the sticker onto the nail and trim or file the excess.
For a longer lasting result and more effective adhesion apply a top coat. 

 Being impatient and wanting to get these babies on my nails asap, I applied without any base coat. Nor did I apply any top coat after.

Kit Cosmetics nail strips are my new nail toy! The strips are easy to apply and with all nail strips there is no drying time. Because these strips have a geometric pattern it is best applied straight and even. If you apply wrongly it is easy to slowly peel off and re-position.

Shape Up on my nails!

Close up of Shape Up nail strips, no base coat or top coat

Nail color blocking at its best!

Compared to other nail strips these are better value however they do not come with a nail file like others. They also do not last as long as other nail strips, only 5 days however with a top coat they may last longer. Will post my results after wearing them for a week.

Retails for AU $9.95

For more information on Kit Cosmetics Limited Edition Nail Strips head to their website.
To purchase Shape Up and to check out the full range, click here.


  1. wow they are the best nail strips i've seen so far!! love it!

  2. I love the graphic design of Shape Up. It really makes a statement!

  3. Ahhhh, they look so amazing on you Joy! If I weren't chronically working in hospital, I would already have these glued to my nails! :)

    Have a beautiful Sunday!

    Love, Mandy xx

  4. Love the design and colours of these strips! Looks awesome on you :)

  5. THIS.IS.AWESOME!!!! I have to get myself this kit now <3

  6. Are these similar to the Sally Hansen ones ? I like how they are more flexible than other brands

    1. I would say these are on par with Sally Hansen, they have the same sticky factor and last just as long.

  7. wow these nail strips look amazing, best Ive seen so far as well!

  8. The shape up look amazing!

  9. You haven't posted in a while. I really miss your posts. :(

    1. Hi Ty,

      Yes I have not posted in awhile, thanks for letting me know you miss it! I am in the process of creating a whole new blog, one for beauty reviews and one for beauty samples, stay tuned


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